Rabies Vector list

   Raccoons, skunks, and bats are on the New York Rabies Vector List. This doesn't mean they are sick with the disease, it means they are the highest potential carriers of this disease. This is a virus that is transmitted through their saliva and brain matter.

   If you find an infant animal, do not handle it. Remember you don't know why mom isn't there. She could've been taken by a predator, hit by a car, or just went off and died. Always protect yourself, you don't want a disease that can harm you or your family. Call a rehabilitator for help.

   If you find an injuried/sick adult animal, please contact a rehabber for help. Do not attempt this yourself. Remember raccoons can climb trees, they can climb you. Skunks have their own defense, there aren't too many people who want to mess with them.  Bats have very small teeth that can bite through almost any glove. Contact the professionals, we are trained and we have the right equipment.