Sometimes wildlife will get themselves into a situation they can't get of. And sometimes people need to step in with any extra hand.

I've had people call me about animals that have fallen into basement window wells. If you slide a board down next to the animal, then get away from that area. The critter will climb out on their own.

I've also had calls on animals caught in foot hold traps, this trapping has a season, just like hunting, its illegal to mess with someone trap, BUT if its spring time, chances are very good, that trap  has been forgotten by the trapper. If you step in the pedal, (you'll see it) it'll open and the animal is released. if you see the animal is injuried, please call a rehabber for help. Remember anything could be in those traps, Raccoon, Fox, to a Red Tailed Hawk. Be careful! 

Animals also have fallen into the ice, remember before you run out there, your putting your life in danger. First give the animal awhile to get out on their own. Call a rehabber for ideas, last resort call 911. Right now people are being trained in animal rescue, and some of us could live near you. New York State is starting County and State animal response teams. We just starting out, but we'll be there incase of animal emergency.