You found a bunny nest, or a bird fell out of the tree.
Why is that baby squirrel following me? 

All of these are common questions, and we are here to help.

If you uncovered a bunny nest, cover it back up, lay a piece of string on top in a figure 8. When mom comes to feed the kids she'll put everything back except the string. Then you'll know everything is ok.

Leave them be! People mean well, but taking wildlife when it doesn't need help, can often mean the death of that animal. If your pets have found any animal nests/homes, call a rehabber (like me!) for help. Cats and dogs will keep going back to nest/home until all animals are removed or worse. Please don't try to put a baby bird back in a nest if you are taking a chance on getting hurt. Birds that are fledglings look like adults, but their tail feathers might be a little shorter. They are just learning to fly, and it takes a couple days for their wings to strengthened. Their parents should be right there, and their young ones will vibrate. They do this so the parents will feed them.  

Please if you see this, keep your pets away from the area. Its a short time until they are airborn, and besides its a wonderful learning opportunity. Young squirrels will follow you if something has happened to mom. They won't come out the nest unless she didn't come back.

Please if you handle them..Always use GLOVES! Remember you don't know why mom didn't come back!