We are Volunteers

   To rehabilitate wildlife, a license is neccessary and legal. After training with other rehabbers, and learning everything I could, I now have an approved  facility. As a rehabilitator you do not recieve any financial help for the governments. This is where the public comes in to help, we are there to take an animal that needs our help, between food, caging, vets, etc, this all comes out of our pockets. So please help us, so we can continue to give the wildlife the care they deserve. Remember its not their fault they need help. Things just happen, to each and everyone of us.

   You can make a donation when you bring an animal to us for help, or you can send us a donation. Thank You !!!

   Krittrkris & Feathered Friends, Inc.

   5189 Williamson Rd. (Route 21), Marion, NY 14505