I would highly appreciate any and all donations. From towels, to fresh fruit, to stuffed animals.

At this point in time we would be very grateful for donations of any of the following:
-Cotton and/or paper towels
-Pine shavings/ aspen bedding
-Light bulbs (40-60W)
-Heat Lights and Pads
-5 or 10 gallon Aquariums with screen cover
-Wild bird seeds
-Sunflower seeds
-Peanuts, bulk unsalted inshell
-Dog and cat food
-Hay and Straw
-Clorox Wipes and Bleach
-Long handled brushes
-Cleaning supplies
-Cage Building materials (Wire fencing, lumber, hinges & hardware)

The Following in any size
-Pet carrier
-Metal (Dog) Crates
-Pet Dishes